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Here Today (But Who Knows Where Tomorrow)

The world does not need another travel blog to tell you to go to the Uffizi when in Firenze.  Nor does it need lots of pictures of a blogger in different outfits posing in front of city sites.  But what would be cool, we Wanderlust Junkies think – and we hope you agree with us – is a blog that finds gems and shares them with you.  Places not everyone knows about.  Places underneath the skin.  We’re not going to bore you with tedious reviews.  We would rather just whet your appetite to try for yourself.  If you want to know more, contact us and we will tell all.  Go on – we were given feet not roots so check in, batter those suitcases and start your perpetual journey with us.  No baggage; except maybe a bit of Longchamp.  It’s now or never.

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Wanderlust Junkies

Today we decided to hop off the tourist trail and be a bit more local so we went food shopping in Matara with one of the lovely guys looking after us at 3 Sisters.

We got into our tuk tuk and took our lives in our hands as we drove to the food market in the rush hour. We walked through the market looking at the unfamiliar vegetables and fruits and smelling all the fish.

Matara is like a mini Galle with its own forts, and we had a walk through Star Fort with a museum with skeletons and moats with mating turtles. Not quite what you see when you are heading to Waitrose.

Next stop the supermarket for cashews. Bizarrely Christmas carols were playing and the whole experience seemed a tad surreal.

Now back to the serenity of our house and the pool beckons.


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