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Here Today (But Who Knows Where Tomorrow)

The world does not need another travel blog to tell you to go to the Uffizi when in Firenze.  Nor does it need lots of pictures of a blogger in different outfits posing in front of city sites.  But what would be cool, we Wanderlust Junkies think – and we hope you agree with us – is a blog that finds gems and shares them with you.  Places not everyone knows about.  Places underneath the skin.  We’re not going to bore you with tedious reviews.  We would rather just whet your appetite to try for yourself.  If you want to know more, contact us and we will tell all.  Go on – we were given feet not roots so check in, batter those suitcases and start your perpetual journey with us.  No baggage; except maybe a bit of Longchamp.  It’s now or never.

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Yesterday I was petrified of being alone in a tent in a jungle. 

For an urban lass who feels never more comfortable than when there is concrete under her stilettos, very bizarrely today I felt totally at one with nature and wildlife on safari at Yala V.

And my heart skipped several beats when I glimpsed for the first time something else that was petrified. A collection of sculpture like trees in water. 

This sight was, for me, right up there with the Taj Mahal, Michelangelo’s David, Antony Gormley’s Another Beach and the Eiffel Tower. NB the first natural one on my desert island things that make life worth living.

Forget leopards. This is what you must see when on safari in Sri Lanka. A mystical, magical moment.


Maroulla is of Greek origin and travelling with Maroulla (he says after four days of experience!) is sometimes like a mini Greek drama. No, it’s more like she performed in the drama and then recounts it afterwards, which is as equally gripping as being there. Today (on our second day at Yala) the drama was Petrified the Movie. Lau and I sat there on our terrace, waiting for Maroulla to join us for our wake-up coffee. As she tripped her way through the saplings we knew something was up. She joined us. And soon we were absorbed into the drama of the centipede and the scene where Maroulla bashed it to death with her couture sandal, before guiltily concealing the murdered creature under the canvas waste paper bin. We were there. 7 nights to go. More dramas please!!


One comment on “#petrified

  1. Loukia says:

    Wonderful to receive a video call you today..thank you, but what made me laugh more that you were in a bikini and I was wrapped up like a you Nouna mou x


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